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Al Sharpton opens fool mouth and inserts foot. Why we need to believe in Global Warming Increasing minimum wage does not solve poverty

Why are law-abiding citizens avoiding police interactions?

Fair DUI FlyerCriminals have always looked for ways to avoid police, but now law-abiding citizens are finding creative new ways to avoid police interactions. It seems like every day there is a new video on the internet of a citizen refusing to roll down the window at a checkpoint or asking, "Am I being detained?"

Some law enforcement officers see this desire on the part of innocent citizens to avoid police interaction as a problem and are responding with aggression, strong-arm tactics and even violence. A deeper look shows that the desire to avoid police interactions is only a symptom of a deeper problem and these responses only make the root problem worse.

Government dependency at record high under Obama.

Welfare is not a subsidy to minimum-wage employers.

Sign claims that Walmart responsible for billions in taxes for welfare.Walmart and McDonalds are in the news every week as examples of greedy corporations that force their employees to collect welfare and food stamps in order to avoid starving to death in their Section 8 homes. This is a convenient conclusion if one wants to raise minimum wage, but it is false at its core.

Taxpayers are justified in blaming somebody for costing them billions in government-provided benefits, but that blame rests squarely on the shoulders of the recipients of those benefits. Corporations that hire low-skilled workers deserve our thanks for helping people become productive members of society.

Al Sharpton opens fool mouth and inserts foot

Media darling Al Sharpton is back in the spotlight and attacking laws designed to protect victims and proven to reduce violent crime. All but a tiny minority is ignoring him.

Sharpton's disappointment at George Zimmerman's acquittal led him to crusade in the capital of Florida on March 10th for the repeal of a Florida law that is credited by many for reducing violent crime by 42%. Florida's Statute 776, also known as the "Stand Your Ground Law", empowers victims of violent crime to fight back and grants immunity from prosecution and litigation to victims who defend themselves from violent criminals.

Stand Your Ground laws significantly reduce violent crime

Increasing minimum wage does not solve poverty

Why we need to believe in Global Warming

Illinois versus Oklahoma

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Minimum wage should be left up to local governments

Why Can't Our Politicians Just Repeal the Second Amendment Already?

What happened to all of the racism in America?

Why are politicians ignoring our cries to repeal "Shoot First" laws?

Parents of Trayvon Martin believe Stand Your Ground caused the death of their son, want laws repealed.The parents of Trayvon Martin have spoken out against Florida's Stand Your Ground law. Most politicians are ignoring them.

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